About Us

The Monte Chesapeake products, including the Monte Chesapeake Macro Strategies Fund and Mariner Managed Futures Strategy Portfolio, bring together access to the expertise of Chesapeake Capital and its Alternatives trading programs and the management and distribution capabilities of Monte Capital Group.

Monte Capital Group LLC, a registered investment advisor, is a 100%- employee owned firm specializing in hedge funds, managed accounts and mutual fund products. Monte Capital Group operates pursuant to the fundamental principles of transparency and liquidity for family offices, high net worth individuals, institutions and investment advisor clients. We understand that managing risk is a proactive process based on client requirements and compelling risk/reward opportunities.

Chesapeake Capital, founded by Jerry Parker in 1988, has a long history of proven expertise in systematic trend-following managed futures strategies along with other alternative strategies including a 28 year track record with top performance and risk adjusted returns.

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